Our Story

Raise The Bar is on a mission to help stop used coffee grounds from going to waste and to fight plastic pollution in the beauty industry.

Most of us start the day with a coffee, but what happens to the leftover coffee grounds?

This was the spark of inspiration that led our founder Bronte to combine two things she is passionate about, coffee and sustainability - when she started making scrub bars at home with used coffee grounds from local cafes.

Love Coffee, Hate Waste!

Most coffee scrubs out there are made with fresh coffee grounds (i.e. never brewed). We wanted to do things a bit differently since an estimated 75,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds get dumped in the bin in Australia every year. That’s a whole lot of landfill piling up and emitting harmful greenhouse gases!

Our coffee scrub bars are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain nasty plastic microbeads or extensive plastic packaging common to so many beauty products!

Just The Beginning

We hope we can inspire people to see the value in "waste" and help drive change within the beauty industry as a whole.

Used coffee grounds are just the beginning for us. There are so many other ingredients that simply get discarded which we'd like to turn into natural and sustainable skincare products, too.


for giving used coffee grounds a second life.